Supplementary Advertising Services

Support at point of sale doesn’t necessarily mean mere promotion using POS media. We also bring a whole range of inspiring services to you that can be organised at the point of sale. The presentation will immediately become more stylish and attain a human dimension, it can also provide valuable information.

Sales promotion is focused on attracting attention and influencing the shopping behaviour of individuals using tools that ensure the customer comes into direct contact with the product. It is namely communication and personal experience that represents a significant experience, drawing the customer in. If this experience is positive, it often triggers purchasing behaviour.
The standard presence of advertising service POS materials only further strengthens the customer’s activity at the point of sale.

Tasting, sampling, promotion with hostesses

A tasting, presented by a hostess, is a very attractive supplement to the product’s presentation. Surveys show that Czechs can accept this type of presentation in a positive manner, seeing it as helping them during the process of shopping. This way the product can be presented to the customer, or reminded, within the framework of an ongoing campaign. These events are affordable even for those who do not have a big budged for over-the-line communication costs.
Successful events lead to an increase of sales, on top of this the customer is left with a positive impression of the brand.

Consumer contests

This concerns longer term projects in the category of sales promotion. Often this entails simple collection of points or codes on the product packages. The customers are motivated by attractive prizes that often correspond to an ongoing campaign, or represent its culmination point.


A whole range of activities – by either producers, vendors or agencies – can be subsumed under merchandising. Their goal is to make goods available to customers in adequate quality and quantity. I.e. it means ensuring complex care with regard to goods and POS media at the point of sale, sufficient stock, adequate display of products and increasing the attractiveness of the point of sale.

Merchandising therefore means goods at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right location and for the right price!

Mystery Shopping

This service allows advertisers full control and access to information on the functionality and effectiveness of sales activities. It involves secret visits by trained specialists, who ascertain the necessary facts as required by the client. On the basis of their findings, when the event is concluded, it is possible to assess its success, sales activity and required presentation by the vendors. Aside from that, this analysis can also define weak points and propose specific measures and improvements.
What can the mystery shoppers check up on? For example the extent to which company standards are kept, poise and behaviour, resolving unusual situations (e.g. complaints), manner of expression, appearance of the staff, appearance and cleanliness of the venue or how POS materials are presented.