POS Media

Advertisements on shopping carts

01 In-store - 01 Cargo Trolley Advertisement

A mobile (interior and partially also exterior) medium provides prolonged visual contact for shoppers throughout the time the customer is shopping. Thanks to providing direct intervention at the time of the decision to purchase it became the second most wanted POS medium.

It is mostly used to promote new products and special sales events, it is suitable to impact small and medium businesses.

Purchase divider

01 In-store - 03 Client Separator

Interior medium, located in the cash register area, strongly supports impulsive purchases due to waiting in the line for a long time, often using visual accessibility of displayed products.

It is used for long-term campaigns, as it allows direct communication with the target group at low campaign cost.

Cash register belt stickers

01 In-store - 04 Conveyor Belt Advertisement

Dynamic interior medium in the form of a sticker, located in the cashier area on the moving belts.

It is suitable as a reminder of the product or service when you are about to pay or when you are paying. It can serve as an alternative for effective and low-cost campaigns.

Stand at entrance

01 In-store - 05 Entrance Gate

This static interior medium affects shoppers upon entry or when they are leaving the store area. Advertising gates are highly visible and therefore a very attractive medium for advertisers.

They are mostly used for unconventional sales support.

Entry gates

01 In-store - 06 Entrance Sleeves

Dynamic interior medium, located directly at the entrance to the store, impacts all shoppers. It is a very attractive and visible medium.

This mobile medium is suitable for supporting all categories of products.

Stickers on entry doors

01 In-store - 07 External Standing Door

Exterior medium, you basically cannot fail to see due to its size. It can be put on fixed as well as moveable parts of entry doors. Impacts the shopper directly on entering the hypermarket. Since such venues have a large turnover of customers, this medium has great effect.

Most often the advertising space is used in connection with a TV spot to remind one of the product before making a purchase decision in the store.

Floor graphics

01 In-store - 08 Floor Graphic

Static interior medium, located on the floor, impacts shoppers directly near the promoted product. It is an attractive medium, visible from afar, which draws the shoppers directly to the shelf with the goods promoted. It increases the number of impulsive purchases quite notably. The usual size is 1 m2, maximum 2 m2. It can be nicely combined with entry door stickers (mostly sized 0.5 m2). However it is most effective in vivid 3D finish.

Pallet design

01 In-store - 11 Pallet Design

Static interior element, located on a prominent spot in the main aisles of the promoted goods segment. This striking visual element has an immediate impact on shoppers and arouses interest in making a purchase.

It is most often used to promote products in the beverages segment.

Shelf Stopper

01 In-store - 13 Shelf Stopper

Static interior element, evaluated as the most wanted in-store medium. It attracts the attention of shoppers passing the aisle by immediately drawing sight to and differentiating the promoted product from the competition. Besides that, it also notably increases the number of impulsive buys by shoppers. The shelf stopper can also be effectively used with a cut out. This element is used in two sizes – 150 x 600 mm and 150 x 900 mm.

Stickers on freezers

01 In-store - 09 Ice Box Sticker

Static interior medium on the tops of freezers. In combination with the see-through top, this medium is quite notable and points the shoppers directly to the products in the freezer. It is a very suitable advertising space, allowing differentiation from other brands just before selecting the goods.


01 In-store - 10 Leaflet

Static-dynamic medium, located right next to the promoted product, making it visible and differentiating it from competitor’s products around it. This medium attracts the attention of shoppers and strengthens awareness of the brand.

It is mostly used for various contests, discount events and new products, providing new information to support their sales.

City Light Showcase

Dynamic exterior medium, thanks to lighting its impact is 24/7 and it is suitable in places where people go at night and where conventional ads would not work at late hours. It can be static, or rotate more advertisements.

Small stand

Static exterior medium typically put up at gas stations right next to the gas pumps, i.e. the most important location at a gas station.


04 Mobilní reklama - 01 - Bicylight

This dynamic exterior medium is hitched to special light weight man-powered quadricycle, which can reach sites in cities that other mobile ads cannot. On top of that, the unconventional finish of the medium as well as the quadricycle attracts the attention of city dwellers and visitors.


04 Mobilní reklama - 02 - Promo kamion

This dynamic exterior medium is located on a truck and clearly visible as it drives through city streets and other locations, where larger numbers of people or the client’s target group gather (e.g. near shopping or sports centres). At such sites, the promo-truck can simply be parked, so it turns into a static medium for some time. This medium is most often used in connection with a radio campaign.