TOP In-store Execution of April won campaign M&M’s from Slovakia

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Portal announces new winner of a competition called TOP In-store Execution of the Month. For the month of Aprilis the winner the realization of M&M’s from Slovakia for Mars.

In this period were registered 8 in-store execution from Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. As you could see in the article Presentation of April executions. The judges from portal evaluated them in three criteria: creative production, overall design and the potential to attract attention at the point of sale.

The winner of the April execution has become the campaign for Mars from Slovakia, which used wide range of POS media: CB, FG, TOP, FRL, SFA and lentikular. This winning campaign took place in a Slovak chain Tesco in the period 1.4.2017 - 30.4.2017. The executor was POS Media Slovakia.

This realization has received from the jury of 83 % in total. In the category of creative production received this winning realization of 75 %. In the category of overall production design campaign gained 85 %. The biggest scoring received campaign in the potential of attracting attention at the point of sale - 90 %.

"This execution really draws you, you can not escape it. It is cheerful as a product itself," says Natálie Růžičková, one of the judges, Marketing Specialist and editor of the portal

All contest execution can be found in the portal section Execution.

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Mgr. Natálie Růžičková

Editor of Portal


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