Presentation of December In-Store Executions


What product in-store executions we have seen in the month of December? We bring you a Christmas parade of executions from Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Presentation of Russian vodka from Siberian Alcohol Group as decorations at the entrance to the store. More information here.

Великий Новгород. Великая 22, Лента, Пять Озёр (1)



Chocolate from Fazer presented with BB pos carrier. More information here.




Christmas presentation Mercier champagne from Moet Hennessy with Christmas tree. More information here.




The winter sleigh full of inspiration for Christmas gifts produced by P & G. More information here.

P&G (2)


Frozen vegetables Bonduelle presentation when used refrigerator glass sticker and refrigerator side sticker. More information here.



Freezing in-store presentation Finlandia vodka using illuminated shelf frame. More information here.



Special Christmas house from Milka. More information here.


And the last competitor - in-store presentation of Surf detergent using LED row and Slimlight Shelf stopper. More information here.



And who will be the winner Top instore execution of December? Our expert jury will evaluate all entries and soon will we know!