About the Project

The idea to create a server that would serve as a source of professional information from the area of point-of-sale marketing is several years old already.  Logically, the administrator of this web should be the association POPAI, which serves as an umbrella in this field. However due to its other activities, as well as financial and time reasons it was not possible to implement the project in this form.

That is why several people active in this field got together – both actual producers of instore advertisements, and agencies that undertake the execution of campaigns, members and officers of the above said POPAI association, a professional medium devoted to the theme and a company that monitors the POS ads market in the Czech Republic. Getting these professionals together was what gave rise to this new project, focused solely on this – nowadays quite popular – type of media.

The following entities contribute to the project content: Nielsen Admosphere, Dago, Jansen Display, MORIS design, OMG Research, POPAI, POS Media and recently also Shopper Marketing Prague. 

Web Content

What kind of content can visitors to these pages expect? It’s the kind of information that concern in-store marketing, especially within Europe. The main segments of available information are:

  • Articles – thematic articles, news, press releases, interesting facts about POS, interview of the month
  • POS presentations in Europe
  • Surveys and data
  • Press releases from professionals in the field
  • Instore guide – history and the present, overview of POS media, vocabulary of vocational terminology
  • Information about significant chains in the EU
  • Address book of companies in the field

Contributions come from printed and electronic media, from our partners and our editors. The photographs are from publicly accessible internet sources, or from individual authors with their kind consent.

Target group of web users:

This project web is designated namely for all those interested in vocational information regarding POS marketing. Specifically these are:

  • clients commissioning advertisements
  • vocational media and associations
  • media and creative agencies
  • producers and executors of advertising at points of sale
  • employees, students and businessmen in the area of marketing and media

Project objective

The main objective of the project is to increase knowledge of information, awareness and interest in the field of point of sale marketing.

To fulfil this goal, we also need your support. We will be happy if you join this project alongside us – either as an individual, or a company that has something to say in this area. Let us know about you and contact us!