About the Contest

The TOP In-Store Execution of the Month competition is an expert contest held once a month by the POS-world.com portal.

The condition of participation in the competition is the fulfilment of three requirements:

• It is a point of sale campaign (shopping centres, shopping chains).
• The campaign utilises POS materials.
• The entire campaign has begun in the month in question (regardless to whether it only took place in the month in question or if it continues even in the following months).

Every execution is registered within the stated deadline by its executor.
The competition application must contain the following information about the implementation:

1) Text information:

• Campaign title:
• Advertisement submitter:
• Client:
• Product:
• Creative agency:
• Executed by:
• POS media:
• Chain:
• Campaign date:

2) Pictorial information:
• One or more implementation photographs (jpeg format approx. 1000×4500)

The closing date of the current round of the competition is always by the 10th day of the following month after the month in question.
The execution application including all appendices is sent by the executor electronically by e-mail to the address of the portal editors bellow. The editors will send the applicant an information e-mail that the execution is included in the current competition round. If the application is incomplete, the editors will send the applicant an e-mail for complementing the missing or ambiguous information. If the applicant does not receive any confirmation of the acceptance of his implementation into the competition, the application has not been delivered successfully and it is necessary to contact the editors once more.

The executions in question are publicly available on the POS-world.com portal in the Executions section.

The announcement of the results of this expert competition will be published on the POS-world.com portal in the Articles – Press releases section and also in this section in Winning implementations.

The competition jury of this cometition is composed of experts from our website.


For further information on the competition or possible cooperation with this expert competition, please address the following people:

PhDr. Petr Frey – Editor-in-Chief
E-mail: frey@smprague.cz

Mgr. Natalie Ruzickova – Editor
E-mail: ruzickova@smprague.cz